GMAT VIP 1 to 1 – Pave the road of success for you

Who is the teacher?

Zeyu Li

Founder & CEO

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Zeyu Li, GMAT Teacher

● Zeyu is the founder and CEO of Essence Educational Ltd.

● He was an Equity Derivatives Flow trader (Associate Director) in HSBC HK from 2010 to 2016, where he has strived to discover directional trading strategies based on market logic and principles.

● To get his MBA degree, Zeyu studied in both ESSEC Business School (Paris) and Booth Business School in University of Chicago.

● Before he came to Hong Kong, he taught GMAT at MBA Center in Paris and taught GMAT, GRE, TOEFL at New Oriental Education& Technology Group in mainland China.

● He personally got top 1% score in GMAT and is enthusiastic in applying various philosophical ideas into reality.

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Arrangement of GMAT VIP 1 to 1

GMAT Part:

Step 1. CEO Zeyu will customize your study plan according to your current status.

Step 2. Students are required to take offline or online GMAT Plus classes to learn the related knowledge.

Step 3. Causal Analysis Feedback Loop:

Zeyu has no interest in teaching tricks. Your GMAT score is improved through advances in logical thinking and problem solving. This process will be thus helpful for you in the long run!

Once your GMAT and logical thinking are improved:

Step 4. Zeyu will be very happy to recommend you if you are hard-working, grateful, and resilient, no matter to schools or to jobs.

Price: HKD 60,000

Students normally will take around 15 hours (after the offline/online course) 1 to 1 with Zeyu to complete.

Communicational method:

flexible – face to face or video conference

Note: Maximum 5 students per months.

Illustrative Classes

1. How we teach: critical reasoning and math

2. How we guide you on your school application and career planning