Essence Education successfully launched its first Investment Banking Career Talk

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The first Career Talk, The Blunt Truth about Careers in Investment Banks, which was specially designed for our GMAT PLUS students, was successfully held on 17th Jan 2016.
We were honored to have 2 guest speakers, Mr. LIU Yin, financial engineer (structurer) from Tier 1 investment bank and Mr. LIU Yi, relationship manager from Tier 1 private bank. Both Mr. LIU showed great passion in their careers and their witty speeches won attendees’ strong resonance and positive responses.
gmat hk
gmat hk

Yin LIU, Financial Engineer from Tier 1 investment bank

Mr. Yin LIU introduced to students details about his job as a financial engineer. To facilitate the understanding, he compared the whole trading floor to running a restaurant, in which sales are the waiters, the traders are the purchasers of raw materials, and structurers like him are the chef who cooks nice meals customized to the appetites of his clients.

Yi LIU, Relationship Manager from Tier 1 private bank

Mr. Yi LIU believes that unlike positions in many other areas in investment/private banks, such as IBD, a relationship manager serve successful, intelligent and wealthy clients on the daily basis and thus has awesome opportunities to learn and grow. He also shared with the audience, through his personal experience, how to build up trust with his clients, with reliability as the most important quality.

Zeyu Li, Top Trader from Tier 1 investment bank

Our CEO Mr. Zeyu Li explained the crucial concept of the difference between winning probability and making money. Zeyu also suggests to our students that they should have a deeper understanding of what they truly want rather than simply follow the crowd or get lured by some short-term benefits, such as high salaries. This investment banking career talk thus aims at showing them what these careers truly are so that students can gauge whether the positions really fit what they love.

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