Essence Educational successfully hold the 3rd Career talk – Breakthrough investment bank

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Last Sunday, 19th June, Essence Educational has successfully hold our 3rd Career talk - Breakthrough investment bank.

We are very honored to invite
Jing, a quantitative trader from a tier 1 investment bank in Hong Kong;

Our CEO Zeyu Li also publically shared his view for the first time upon why he decide to leave a dream job for most of people.

Jing, Quantitative Trader

Jing shared with our students what are the duties for front office ITs, quants, and traders.
Then he described a typical work day for a quantitative trader. He shared the experience of how to prepare for a career as quantitative trader.

1). Prepare earlier to have a related internship, including data analyst;

2). Join financial events to learn what other people are doing in this area;

3). Join trading contests where you can gain experience through trading simulations;

4). Sharpen self skill sets, including programming.

Zeyu LI's new move

Zeyu, our CEO shared his view why he gave up his luxurious position as a top trader in an investment bank and turned to focus on his 2 businesses. He emphasized his perspective on the relationship between risk and decision - making. Starting business is definitely embracing huge uncertainties. But uncertainty is not necessarily risk; only when uncertainty in the downside, it will be a risk.
zeyu li EssenceEdu CEO

Zeyu thought whether fresh graduates from university should start his/her business or not depended on 2 factors:

1. your ability;

2. your long-term goal.

Zeyu suggested that if you could not shine in your job, it is very hard for you to successfully start your own business. While speaking to the long-term goal, he also referred to following your heart. If you have found certain demands, you should start your business right now, like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates. Alternatively, Zeyu suggested you to work for a while to accumulate your core competences and your resources first before you dive into the uncertainty.

The biggest risk you take is not taking any risks!