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Ibrahim Torunergil

The philosophy of logic and analytical thinking I learn in the course exceed the borders of just an exam,GMAT,making it essential for real life situations.I am grateful for the day i found this course.

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Stephanie Boucard

I was taught by Zeyu the GMAT course. His approach to mastering GMAT exam was excellent and really helped me understanding this exam as a whole.He trained me very efficiently but also brought me confidence i was lacking to master GMAT. I trust Zeyu deeply in any topic he would teach me.


GMAT is more than a test, like Zeyu has told us. The success of it requires a concerted balance of five aspects:knowledge,strategies,proficiency,simulation and luck. Through practice under the guidance of Zeyu,I accumulated my own understanding of CR,got used to reading/cracking 30 SC questions everyday and incorporated GMAT as a part of my life .It really does not matter how many questions you have solved to achieve the score you want,reflections and the summary are more important!

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