GMAT CAT & GMAT Score Calculation

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GMAT Quantitative and Verbal (200-800): GMAT Quantitative and Verbal parts are tested via GMAT CAT – Computerized Adaptive Testing. Basically, GMAT CAT works as the following:
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GMAT will give you a middle level question to start with. If you fail, the CAT may think you are nervous. If you also fail the second one, well, it will start to think that the question is too difficult for you and begin to lower the level of difficulty. Thus, gradually you will find that the questions are getting easier and easier whereas your final score will get lower and lower. Vice versa for getting more and more difficult questions and thus higher scores.

Thus, the first 15 questions are essential for your final GMAT score. Answer them well!

GMAT Score – Quantitative + Verbal Conversion

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Essence Edu GMAT Plus Target: We would like our GMAT Plus students to get 750 or more in GMAT, sufficient to go to any business schools in the world.

GMAT AWA (0-6):
Your essay will be reviewed by two independent persons and the average score will be used as your final score. Of course, if the two scores are too different, more than 1 point, a third evaluation will be given.

Essence Edu GMAT Plus Target: We normally would like our GMAT Plus students to get 5 or more in AWA. As we will show you, even without excellent English writing skills, as long as you master formal logic and can read the line of the reasoning of the author, you should get easily 5.5 or even 6.

GMAT Integrated Reasoning (0-8):
You will face 12 questions and the computer will randomly choose 8 of them to give you score. 1 point for each correctly answered question. (1 question can be composed of a few sub-questions. Only when all sub-questions are correctly answered can GMAT take that question as correctly answered.)

Essence Edu GMAT Plus Target:Our students should get 7 or 8 in GMAT IR.

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