GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Four

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17. 简单词 scissors 剪刀
词根:-sciss- (变形scind, cide(来源于decide = de(加强)+cide(剪断)→一刀两断→下决心), cise)
⑵ abscission 切断,脱掉
记忆方法:ab(to,一直)+scission (切断)→切断
实例:Students worked with collaborative teams to develop innovative methods for quantifying leaf color change and abscission in campus trees.

⑶ escind 废除;撤销
记忆方法:re(一再)+scind(切)→ 一再地切→ 废除
实例:Trade Union leaders have demanded the government rescind the price rise.

⑷ suicide 自杀
实例:commit suicide

⑸ excise 消费税; 切除
实例:1. They are pressing the Chancellor to reduce excise duty on beer.
2. He launched a personal crusade to excise racist and sexist references in newspapers.

⑹ incise 雕刻
实例:After the surface is polished, a design is incised or painted.

⑺ incisive 锋利的,尖刻的(指犀利深入)
记忆方法:incis(=incise 雕刻)+ ive(表形容词) →像雕刻一样刻进去→尖刻的
实例:His report on the operational fallacies is incisive and revealing.

18.简单词 condiment 调味品
词根:-cond-, 隐藏= -hid-,调味品正是用于隐藏坏味道的

⑴ abscond 潜逃
实例:He absconded with all the money stolen from the bank.

⑵ recondite 深奥的
记忆方法:re(一再)+cond(隐藏)+ ite(形容词后缀)→一再隐藏的→深奥的,难懂的
近义词:abstruse, complicated, elusive
实例:We hear from mathematicians that bees have practically solved a recondite problem.

19. 简单词 intrusive 不请自来的,唐突的
词根:-trus-(变形trud) 推= push (intrusive = in(入)+trus(推)+ive(形容词)→推入的→不请自来的,唐突的)

⑴ abstruse 深奥的
近义词:recondite, complicated, elusive
实例:Einstein's theory of relativity is very abstruse.

⑵ protrusion 伸出,突出
实例:He grabbed at a protrusion of rock with his right hand.

⑶ obtrusive 突出的,冒失的
实例:These heaters are less obtrusive and are easy to store away in the summer.

20. 简单词 contain 包含
词根:-tain-(变形tain, tin, ten) 拿住=hold

⑴ attain 获得
实例:On that day, China expected to be unshackled from its legal label as a “non-market economy” and attain “market-economy status”.

⑵ detain 拘留
记忆方法:de(加强动作)+tain(拿住) )→把人拿住
实例:The lawsuit alleges that detained immigrants awaiting court dates were forced to work for $1 per day or for free, on threat of solitary confinement.

⑶ retain 保留
实例:The consistently low level indicates that employers are retaining workers and possibly looking to hire.

⑷ sustain 维系,支持
实例:With evidence of sustained growth, the Federal Reserve is all but certain to raise interest rates at the Federal Open Market Committee meeting next week.

⑸ abstain 戒绝(烟酒等),弃权
衍生:abstinence, abstemious
实例:Do you drink, smoke, or abstain?/Three members of the party abstained in the vote.

⑹ pertain 是关于(pertain to = is about)→ pertinent 相关的
实例:His remarks did no pertain to the purpose of the meeting at all.

⑺ pertinacious 坚定不移的,固执的
记忆方法: per(彻底)+tin(拿住)+ acious(多...的)→拿了很多而且拿了不放的→坚定不移的
实例:I can affirm that he is tenacious and pertinacious as are few.

⑻ retinue n.一批随员
记忆方法: re(一再)+ tin(拿, 支撑)+ue→ 一直拿着我东西的人→随从人员
实例:Mind trainers are now part of a tennis star's retinue.

⑼ tenacious 顽强的;黏着力强的
记忆方法:ten(拿住,支撑)+ acious(表形容词,"有……特征的,多……的,易……的")→
近义词:assiduous, sedulous, studious, persevering, industrious, persistent
实例:She is very tenacious and will work hard and long to achieve objectives.

⑽ tenet 原则;信条;教义
记忆方法:ten(拿住,支撑)+ et→ 原则,信条就是一个人一直坚持拿住的信念或者支撑他决策的理念
实例:The judge's ruling was based on the simple commonsense tenet that no man is above the law.

⑾ tenure n.占有(职位,不动产等);占有期;终身职位
记忆方法: ten(拿住,支撑)+ure(表抽象名词, 行为,状态及其结果,情况等)→ 占有就是对职位,房产等拿着一直不放的状态或是行为
实例:1.He was in the middle of his tenure as Oxford Professor of Poetry and at the height of his fame.
2.Junior staff have only a slim chance of getting tenure.

21. 简单词 taint 污点
词根:-taint- 污点,污迹

⑴ untainted无污点的
记忆方法:un(不, 非)+taint(使变质,使污染)+ed(过去分词作形容词)→ 无污点的
实例:My conscience stays untainted in spite of rumors and slanders from the outside.

22. 简单词 accelerate 加速
词根:-celer- 快,速度

⑴ decelerate (使)减速
实例:The company's losses widened last year, and it is experiencing decelerating user growth in the face of intense competition from larger rivals such as Facebook.

⑵ celerity 迅速
记忆方法: celer(快)+ity(表名词) →快速
近义词:swiftness, rapidity, quickness, fleetness
实例:Celerity is the soul of warfare.

23.简单词 accept 接受
词根:-cept-(变形cept, ceiv, ceit, capt)拿=hold=-tain-

⑴ conceive 构思,想,怀孕
实例:When the project was conceived, the United States was struggling to lift domestic oil supplies and push down prices.

⑵ conceit 自大,巧妙的比喻(由conceive衍生)
近义词: boastfulness, arrogance
实例:He knew, without conceit, that his work was awesome and extremely beneficial for the company.

⑶ deceive 欺骗
实例:A group of academics published research last week that showed how to deceive this system by injecting images into videos.

⑷ precept 准则,戒律
实例:the precepts of Buddhism

⑸ susceptible 易受影响的; 易受感染的;善感的
记忆方法:sus(在…下面)+cept(拿)+ible(可以…的,容易...的)→易被拿下的=易受影响的; 易受感染的;善感的
实例:1.Walking with weights makes the shoulders very susceptible to injury.
2.He was, she believes, unusually susceptible to women.


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