GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Thirty – two

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148 ghost 鬼魂

(1).aghast 惊骇的

实例:His colleagues were aghast at the sackings.

(2).ghastliness 可怕

实例:His mother is alarmed at the ghastliness of his face.

(3).ghoul 食尸鬼,衍生为以他人的痛苦为乐

衍生: ghoulish
实例:They are there only to satisfy their ghoulish curiosity.

149 light 轻, 灯 -light- 轻,灯

(1).alight 落下(vi), 亮着的(adj)

实例:"1. Two persons alighted from the vehicle. 2. The fire is still alight."

(2).blight 凋萎, 损毁

实例:An embarrassing blunder nearly blighted his career before it got off the ground.

(3).plight 困境

实例:the worsening plight of Third World countries plagued by debts

(4).highlight vt.使突出;强调

记忆方法:high(高的)+light(光)→ 打高光使为了突出重要的→ 使突出, 最重要的部分
实例:Two events have highlighted the tensions in recent days.

150 cave 洞穴 -cave- 洞穴,凹室 -cove-

(1).cove 海湾,河湾,山凹

记忆方法:from cave, 海湾即是海岸线凹进去的地方
实例:A cove is a small, sheltered part of an ocean's coast.

(2).alcove 凹室

实例:The alcoves on either side of the fire were bookshelves.

(3).cavern 大山洞

记忆方法:cave(洞穴)+rn→大山洞 衍生: cavernous
实例:The work space is a bare and cavernous warehouse.

(4).excavate 挖开

实例:They plan to excavate a large hole.

151 lay 躺下,放 -lay- 躺下,放

(1).allay 减轻

近义词: assuage, mitigate, pacify, soothe, alleviate, attenuate
实例:He did what he could to allay his wife's fears.

(2).layoff n.停工,停止活动;临时解雇

记忆方法:lay(放置)+off(停止,结束)→ 放下手头活→停工→解雇
实例:1.It will close more than 200 stores nationwide resulting in the layoffs of an estimated 2,000 employees.

(3).overlay v./n.覆盖;镀金

记忆方法:over(在…上面)+lay(铺放)→ 覆盖, 镀金, 遮掩
实例:1.The floor was overlaid with rugs of oriental design. 2.Silver overlay is bonded to the entire surface.

(4).relay 接替人员,接力比赛;传递

实例:1.Messengers will relay your letters.
2.Britain's prospects of beating the United States in the relay looked poor.

152 literature 文学 -liter- 字母,语言

(1).literal 照字面意思的

记忆方法:liter(字母)+ al(表形容词)→字母表面的意思
实例:To describe something as literal is to say that it is exactly what it seems to be.

(2).literate 有文化的

记忆方法:liter(字母)+ ate(表形容词)→
实例:If you're literate you can read and write, and since you're reading this, that's what you are.

(3).illiterate 文盲的

衍生: illiteracy
实例:One way to spread a political message to the people, many of whom were illiterate, was song.

(4).obliterate 涂去,擦去 衍生为毁灭

实例: "1. There was time enough to obliterate memories of how things once were for him. 2. Whole villages were obliterated by fire."

(5).alliteration 头韵

实例:Alliteration is the use of the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable in a line of verse.

(6).litany 连祷,冗长的文字

实例:She remained in the doorway, listening to his litany of complaints against her client.

(7).literariness 文学性

实例:Yet the heavy morality color affects the literariness of these works.


(101) ballad 歌谣

联想记忆: ball+ad→像球一样一代一代传下来
实例:You can find ballads in a variety of musical styles, from country-western to rock n' roll.

(102) banal 陈腐的

联想记忆: ban(禁止)+al→改被禁止的→陈腐的
实例:Bland, banal music tinkled discreetly from hidden loudspeakers.

(103) bane 祸根,痛苦之源

联想记忆: ban(禁止)+e→该被禁止的,除了陈腐(banal)以外还有祸根
实例:Rain is the bane of holiday-makers.

(104) reave 撕开,掠夺

联想记忆: -eave表示使用肢体,leave离开因为用腿(l),而reave撕开是因为用手(r) 过去分词reft
实例:An attacking army might storm through a village and reave from all of the houses in it.

(105) stow 装, 妥善保存

实例:I helped her stow her bags in the boot of the car.

(106) bland 平淡无奇的

实例:It sounds like an advert: easy on the ear but bland and forgettable.

(107) blatant 公然的,吵闹的

实例:Outsiders will continue to suffer the most blatant discrimination.

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