GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day sixteen

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71. 简单词 luxury 奢侈的,奢侈品
词根:lux-(变形: lux, lure, lus, lu, lur ) 光→引诱,奢侈

(1) lure 引诱,魅力,鱼饵

记忆方法:lure(光) →引诱
实例: They did not realise that they were being lured into a trap.

(2) allure 吸引,引诱

近义词: tempt, attract
实例: the allure of the big city

(3) lust 肉欲,强烈的欲望

记忆方法:lure(光) →引诱→强烈的欲望
实例: The mobs became driven by a crazed blood-lust to take the city.

(4) luscious 美味的,性感的

实例: What I like most about Gabby is her luscious lips.

(5) translucent 半透明的

记忆方法: trans(透过)+luc(光亮)+ent→透过光亮的→半透明的
衍生: translucence
实例: The building is roofed entirely with translucent corrugated plastic.

(6) lubricate 润滑

记忆方法: lub(光)+ricate→使发光→润滑
实例: Mineral oils are used to lubricate machinery.

(7) lucrative 赚钱的

实例: Thousands of ex-army officers have found lucrative jobs in private security firms.

(8) luminous 发光的

实例: This is one of the most luminous and unstable stars in our Galaxy.

(9) luminary n.发光体,杰出人物,泰斗

实例: If you refer to someone as a luminary, you mean that they are an expert in a particular subject or activity.

(10) lucid 清楚的,明了易懂的

实例: His prose is always lucid and compelling.

(11) elucidate 阐明

记忆方法: e(出)+lucid(清楚)+ate→清楚说出→阐明
实例: The note help to elucidate the most difficult parts of the text.

(12) illuminate 照明

记忆方法: il(=in进入)+lumin(光)+ate→照明
实例: The black sky was illuminated by forked lightning.

(13) lackluster 无生气的,无光泽的

记忆方法: lack(缺乏)+luster(光)→无光彩的
实例: He does not want a dull lackluster life and hence prepares to start his own business.

(14) luxuriant 茂盛的

记忆方法: lux(光,奢侈)+uriant→繁茂的
近义词: lush
实例: There were two very large oak trees in front of our house with wide spreading branches and luxuriant foliage.

(15) luxurious 奢侈的

记忆方法: lux(光,奢侈)+urious(多...的)>奢侈的
实例: Their honeymoon was two days in Las Vegas at a luxurious hotel called Le Mirage.

(16) lurid 可怕的,骇人听闻的(暴力,性爱)

实例: Some reports have contained lurid accounts of deaths and mutilations.

(17) lush 茂盛的

近义词: luxuriant
实例: The beautifully landscaped gardens sprawl with lush vegetation.

(18) deluxe 高级的; 豪华的

记忆方法: de(法语词缀,表强调)+lux(光)+e→ 强调有光的→ 就上单词可知, 有光的都可引申为豪华的
实例: I liked the deluxe edition, but I could afford only a second best.

72. 简单词 ludic (见难记词表) 顽皮的
词根: -lud-玩弄

(1) allude 暗指, 影射

记忆方法: al(to)+lude(玩弄)→玩弄人即拿别人开涮而不直接骂人→暗指
衍生: allusive
实例: She also alluded to her rival's past marital troubles.

(2) elude 逃避→因而错过,得不到

记忆方法: e(出)+lude(玩耍)→贪玩而跑出→逃避
实例: 1. The two men managed to elude the police for six weeks. 2. Finally he remembered the tiny detail that had eluded him the night before.

(3) elusive 难懂的, 难找的

记忆方法: elude衍生而来,elude后变得难找了→难找到答案,即难懂
近义词: abstruse, complicated, recondite
实例: A solution to the problem of toxic waste is proving elusive.

(4) illusive 幻影的,错觉的

记忆方法: il(=in进入)+lus(玩)+ive→进入玩乐中→幻影的
实例: illusive advertisement (虚假广告)

(5) ludicrous 荒谬的

近义词: ridiculous
实例: It was ludicrous to think that the plan could succeed.

(5) prelude 前奏

实例: Indeed, teachers often use iCivics games as a prelude to more topical class conversations.

(6) postlude 后奏,终曲

实例: Schumann rewards the pianist with a touching piano postlude to his cycle, reworking material from the opening song. (New York Times, Mar 10, 2016)

(7) collude 共谋

近义词: conspire, complot
实例: Several people had colluded in the murder.

(9) delude 迷惑,哄骗

近义词: mislead, betray, fool, deceive, 衍生: delusion (错觉)
实例: Don't be deluded into thinking that we are out of danger yet.

73.简单词 pollute 污染
(变形: lut, luv, lug)

(1) dilute 稀释

记忆方法: di(分开)+lute(洗)→分开洗→冲淡
实例: “By including rent-controlled units in their partnership, defendants are diluting the stock of affordable housing available to District residents,” the lawsuit says.(Washington Post, Apr 25, 2017 )

(2) ablution 沐浴, 宗教洗礼


(3) antediluvian 圣经上大洪水之前,上古的


(4) deluge 大暴雨,洪水

实例: This has brought a deluge of criticism.

(5) alluvial adj.(河流、洪水) 冲积的,淤积的

记忆方法:al(加强 )+luv(洗,冲)+ial(表形容词)→ 冲击的,淤积的
实例: Alluvial soils usually grow the best crops.

74. 简单词 lunar 月亮的
词根: -lun-月亮的

(1) lunatic 疯狂的

实例: He pleads for sanity in a lunatic world.


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