GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Thirty – Five

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162 stand 站立
词根:-stat- 站立 stat, stin, stall, stit, stag

(9).steadfast 坚定的; 固定的; 不动摇的; 不变的

记忆方法:stead(=stand站)+fast(快)→又快又稳地站好→坚定的,不动摇的 近义词: changeless
实例:Her steadfast belief never left her for one moment.

(10).stature 身高,衍生为声望

实例:It's more than his physical stature that makes him remarkable. /Who can deny his stature as the world's greatest cellist?

(11).stadium n.运动场; 体育场

记忆方法:stad(站立)+ium(表名词, 场所)→ 运动场就是运动员, 观众站立的地方
实例:1.The city fathers have just given final approval to a new stadium. 2.The stadium has been fitted with seating for over eighty thousand spectators.

(12).substantiate 证实; 使具体(实体)化

实例:Winson offered little evidence to substantiate his claims.

(13).superstitious 迷信的

记忆方法:super(在…上面)+ stit(站,放)+ious(表形容词)→存放在人类理智上面→迷信的 衍生: superstition
实例:He was extremely superstitious and believed the color green brought bad luck.

(14).reconstitute 重建,加水使复原

实例:The major methods used to reconstitute the company are acquisition of companies and merging.

(15).destitute 贫乏的,穷困的

记忆方法:de(去掉,没有)+stitut(站立)+e→无法站立=贫穷 近义词: deficient, devoid,
实例:They were destitute of necessaries of life.

(16).prostitute 妓女,卖淫,买赢的,出卖(名誉)

实例:She was arrested and charged with being a common prostitute

(17).restitute 归还,复原

记忆方法:re(再)+stitute(站立)→再一次站立起来=复原 衍生: restitution n. 归还, 复原,赔偿
实例:The court ordered the people living in the house to restitute it to its rightful owners.

(18).substitute n.代替者;替补vt.& vi.代替,替换,代用

记忆方法:sub(在下面)+ stitute(放)→放在下面→ 作替代
实例:1.She is seeking a substitute for the very man whose departure made her cry. 2.The whole thing staggers me.

(19).stagger vi.蹒跚;犹豫;→使人吃惊得蹒跚起来→令人吃惊

记忆方法:stagg(=stand 站)+→站着不走→犹豫, 蹒跚→衍生为令人吃惊
实例:He lost his balance, staggered back against the rail and toppled over.

(20).staggering adj.难以置信的,令人震惊的

记忆方法:stagger现在分词做形容词 近义词: astounding, incredible
实例:Profits have shot up by a staggering 25 %.

(21).staid adj.古板的,保守的

记忆方法:sta(站)+id(表形容词, 如…的)→ 站着的不动的→ 沉着的,一本正经的
实例:Her thoughts were staid and solemnly adapted to only one condition.

(22).stalwart 忠实拥护者,忠实的,健壮的

记忆方法:stal(=sta 站立)+ wart=wall(墙)→ 像墙一样不动摇→忠实拥护者,健壮的
实例:I knew I was never in any danger with my stalwart bodyguard around me.

(23).stanch vt.使(伤口)止血;止(血); 使不漏

实例:1. Sophia stanched the blood with a cloth. 2. The government tried to stanch recent price declines in the market.

(24).staunch adj.坚定的,坚固的; 忠诚的,可靠的

记忆方法:staun(=stan站立)+ch→ 站住不动摇→ 坚定的, 坚固的→ 忠诚的
实例:He's a staunch supporter of controls on government spending.

(25).stale 陈腐的

实例:Their daily diet consisted of a lump of stale bread, a bowl of rice and stale water.

(26) 需要一个点 stalemate 僵局,(国际象棋)和棋

实例:He said the war had reached a stalemate and that a political accord was the only solution.

163 pale 苍白的
词根:-pal- 苍白 pall

(1).appal 使害怕

实例:His ignorance appals me.

(2).pallid 苍白的,平淡无味的

实例:He provided a pallid account of the future of transport.

164 prepare;
词根:-par- "1. 准备 ; 2. 平等 ;"

(1).apparatus 设备,机构

实例:One of the boys had to be rescued by firemen wearing breathing apparatus.

(2).parade 游行

实例:The city has a parade every 4th of July.

(3).disparage 轻视

记忆方法:dis(不)+par(公平)+age→不再公平看待→轻视 近义词: belittle
实例:The tax cut is widely disparaged by senators from both parties as a budget gimmick.

(4).nonpareil 无可匹敌的

实例:the nonpareil venture capitalist of silicon valley

(5).disparate 完全不同的

实例:The nine republics are immensely disparate in size, culture and wealth.

165 pose 姿势
词根:-pos- 放(put)→姿势,职位 pos,posit(来源于position)

(1).posture 姿势

记忆方法:简单词 衍生: postural 姿势的
实例:Children can develop bad postural habits from quite an early age.

(2).dispose 处理

实例:Your idea at least disposes of the immediate problem.

(3).depose 罢免

实例:the deposed dictator

(4).deposit 沉积

实例:rich deposits of gold in the hills

(5).deposition 1) 沉积(物);2)性情,性格

记忆方法: "deposit(沉积物)+ion(表名词)→ 沉积 dis(分开)+post(放)+ ion(表名词)→ 分开放置→ 安排,配置→ 引申为性情, 性格"
实例:1.This leads to calcium deposition in the blood-vessels. 2. He was a man of decisive action and an adventurous disposition.

(6).expose 暴露

记忆方法:ex(出)+pose(放)→放出→暴露 衍生: exposition 展览会
实例:Potatoes turn green when exposed to light.

130.bawdy 下流的

记忆方法:发音记忆: 发音=body, 总是想着身体→下流的
实例: The woman was lively, even bawdy, but there was something reserved, steely, behind her levity.

131.beam 本意光束,衍生为笑了

实例: 'Welcome back,' she beamed.

132.beatific 幸福的

联想记忆: beatif=beautif→因为美丽所以感到幸福
实例:All parents wish their children could have a safe and beatific life.

133.beaver 海狸

实例:A prime beaver pelt was worth $ 6 to $ 8 a pound.

134.grudge 不满,嫉妒

联想记忆: 来源于garage→在车库,汽修厂中工作难免有各式各样的不满和怨言. 衍生: grudging 勉强的
实例:He appears to have a grudge against certain colleagues.

135.behemoth 庞然大物(贬义)

联想记忆: he be moth→他成为蛾子,人一样大的蛾子→庞然大物
实例:The city is a sprawling behemoth with no heart.

136.bequeath 将…遗赠给

联想记忆: be+qu+earth→入土后→遗赠
实例:He bequeathed all his silver to his children.

137.berserk 狂暴的

记忆方法:有一部很好的漫画,剑风传奇(又译烙印战士),其英文名字就是berserk, 狂战士.
实例: But how can our uppermost tier go so berserk?

138.smirch 弄脏,玷污

联想记忆: sm=smoke+irch=itch(痒)→用烟熏把人弄痒→弄脏,玷污
实例:Their faces were pallid and smirched with blood.

139.bestial 野蛮的

联想记忆: best=beast(野兽)+ial→野蛮的
实例:A statement on Amman Radio spoke of bestial aggression and a horrible massacre.

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