GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Fifty – Five

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275 . pronounce 发音
词根: -nounce- 发音(speak)
4 . renounce 放弃
记忆方法: re(重新)+nounce(说)→宣布回到从前→放弃
实例: The treaties renounce the use of force and pledge the two countries to co-operation.

276 . nude 赤裸的
词根: -nud-
1 . denude 剥光,使脱光
记忆方法: de(去除)+nude(赤裸)→剥光
实例: Mining would pollute the lake and denude the forest.

277 . picture 图画
词根: -pict- 描绘
变形:pict, pig
1 . depict 描绘
记忆方法: de(强调)+pict(画)→描绘
近义词: delineate
实例: The rock drawings depict a variety of stylized human, bird and mythological figures and patterns.

2 . pigment 颜料
记忆方法: pig=pict(画)+ment→颜料
实例: Melanin is the dark brown pigment of the hair, skin, and eyes that is present in varying amounts in every human being.

3 . picturesque 如画一般的
记忆方法: picture(图画)+sque(表形容词)→
实例: It was a pretty town with a picturesque harbour and well-preserved buildings.

278 . complete 完整的
词根: -plete- 全部
变形:plete, plen, pli, ple
1 . deplete 耗尽,用尽
记忆方法: de(除去)+plete(全部)→全部除去→耗尽
实例: They fired in long bursts, which depleted their ammunition.

2 . replete 充满的,饱满的
记忆方法: re(重新)+plete(全的)→重新饱满
实例: History is replete with examples of populations out of control.

3 . replenish 补充
记忆方法: re(重新)+plen=plete(全,满)+ish(动词结尾)→从新装满→补充
实例: The insurance fund will need to be replenished.

4 . plethora 过多,多血症
记忆方法: plet(充足)+ora(疾病)
实例: A plethora of new operators will be allowed to enter the market.

5 . supple 身体)柔软的; 灵活的; 易弯曲的; 顺从的
记忆方法: sup(下面)+ple(填满)→在下面填满(羽绒),使柔软
衍生: supplely adv. suppleness n.
实例: Although it's not strenuous exercise, you feel toned-up, supple and relaxed.

6 . supplement vt./n.增补,补充; 补充物,营养补充剂; 增刊,副刊
记忆方法: sup(下面)+ ple(填满)+ment(表名词)→ 在下面填,使此物变得更好→ 补充
衍生: supplementation n. 补充营养;服用补品; supplementary
实例: Business sponsorship must be a supplement to, not a substitute for, public funding.

7 . complement vt./n.补充; 补足语; 补充物
记忆方法: com(一起,共同)+ple(填满)+ ment(表名词)→ 将不同的事物填在一起,使它们成为一个好的组合
衍生: complementary
实例: If people or things complement each other, they are different or do something different, which makes them a good combination.

279 . explore 开发
词根: -plore- 哭,喊(cry, weep)
1 . deplore 强烈反对,哀叹
记忆方法: de(向下)+plore(喊)→反对
实例: He's a judo black belt but he says he deplores violence.

2 . implore 恳求,乞求
记忆方法: im(进入)+plore(哭喊)→进入哭喊状态→恳求
近义词: beseech, entreat
实例: Opposition leaders this week implored the president to break the deadlock.

280 . price 价格
词根: -prec- 价值(price)
变形:prec, pric, priz
1 . deprecate 抨击,反对
记忆方法: de(去除)+prec(价值)+ate→去除价值→抨击,反对
实例: Some of these, in turn , deprecate the term human resources as useless.

2 . prizefight n.职业拳击赛
记忆方法: prize(奖赏,战利品)+fight(战斗,斗争)→为战利品而战斗→职业拳击赛
实例: He is training for a prizefight.

3 . depreciate 使贬值;使跌价
记忆方法: de(去除)+prec(价值+iate()→去除价值→使贬值
实例: Our car depreciated (by) $1,500 in the first year we owned it.

281 . linger 逗留
词根: -ling- 逗留
变形:ling, linq, lict
1 . relinquish 放弃
记忆方法: re(返回,不再)+linq(逗留)+uish→不再逗留,不再迷恋→放弃
近义词: forsake, give up, forgo
实例: He was forced to relinquish control of the company.

2 . derelict 被抛弃的,遗弃物,玩忽职守的
记忆方法: de(向下)+relict=relinquish→放弃了(职责)的→被遗弃的,玩忽职守的
近义词: delinquent, remiss
实例: The ship is derelict long.

3 . delinquent 失职的,犯罪的(尤指青少年)
记忆方法: de(向下)+linq(逗留)+uent→在不好的地方逗留→失职的,犯罪的
近义词: remiss, derelict
实例: "1. Most delinquent children have deprived backgrounds.
2. You are a delinquent subordinate."


331 . delirious 精神失常的,欣喜若狂的
记忆方法: 联想记忆: de(去掉)+lir=lire(里拉,意大利加入欧元区前的货币)+ious(多)→损失很多里拉→精神失常的
实例: 1. He was delirious, murmuring about that matter. 2. I was delirious with joy.

332 . delve 钻入,探究
记忆方法: 常见词, delve into something
实例: 1.He delved into his pocket and brought out a notebook. 2.This man would want to know everything, would delve and dig, and not be satisfied with surface explanations.

333 . denouement 小说,戏剧的结局
记忆方法: 联想记忆: de(强调)+noue=know+ment→最后知道的→结局
实例: The book's sentimental denouement is pure Hollywood.

334 . depravity 堕落
记忆方法: 联想记忆: deprive→剥夺,一个人被剥夺一切后就开始堕落
实例: In the war, people usually have the righteous struggle between decency and depravity.

335 . dermatologist 皮肤病学者
记忆方法: dermat皮肤的词根
实例: A similar period of seven years is recommended for those intending to specialize in dermatology.

336 . detergent 清洁剂
记忆方法: 常见词
实例: A Skin is waterproof and keeps harmful materials such as detergents and allergic compounds out, and water in.

337 . deuce 两美元的钞票, 平分
记忆方法: deu=two(二)→两美元,二者相同→平分
实例:  It is like an endless, exhausting game of tennis, deuce after deuce.

338 . diabolical 恶魔的
记忆方法: 联想记忆: 有一款很出名的游戏叫做Diabo(暗黑破坏神)→恶魔
实例: a diabolical serial killer

339 . dilemma 两难境地,进退两难
记忆方法: di(分开)+lemma(定理,例如Ito Lemma)→进退两难
实例: She faces the dilemma of disobeying her father or losing the man she loves.

340 . dire 可怕的,严峻的
记忆方法: 联想发音记忆: die→dire
实例: A government split would have dire consequences for domestic peace.

The biggest risk you take is not taking any risks!