GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Forty – Seven

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221 flagrant (和fragrant一起记忆) 臭名昭著的

词根: -flagr- 火焰(flame)(flagrant→火焰燃烧后产生臭味→衍生为臭名昭著的)
(1).conflagrant 燃烧的

衍生: conflagration 大火
实例:A conflagration in 1947 reduced 90 percent of the houses to ashes.

(2).deflagrate 使突然燃烧

实例:The salts deflagrate and a luminous flame envelops the ordinary feeble arc-flame.

222 refuse 拒绝

词根: -fus- 流动

(1).infuse 注入

实例:Many of the girls seemed to be infused with excitement on seeing the snow.

(2).profuse 大量的,慷慨的

衍生: profusion
实例:They thanked me profusely.

(3).defuse 缓解,拆除(爆炸物)的引信

记忆方法:de(向下)+fuse(流动)→缓和 to improve a difficult or dangerous situation, for example by making people less angry or by dealing with the causes of a problem、 to remove the fuse from a bomb in order to prevent it from exploding
实例:The organization helped defuse potentially violent situations.

(4).diffuse 传播、扩散

同义词:scatter, spread
实例: The smoke will diffuse into other rooms and will get into carpets, drapes and clothing.

223 gene 基因

词根: -gen- 基因

(1).congenial 趣味相投的,衍生为友善的

实例:I met few people congenial to me in the department.

(2).genre 类型,类别

实例:My favorite music genre is blues.

(3).homogeneity 相同性

反义词: heterogeneity
实例:I do not agree with the economic homogeneity that binds the EU together.

(4).genius 天才

实例:He was an architect of genius.

(5).ingenious 聪明的,有创造力 的

实例:His solution to the puzzle is ingenious.

(6).progeny 子孙,结果

实例:Among its many progeny, the 1944 Education Act gave birth to the modern youth service.

224 conscious 意识的

词根: -sci- 知道(know)

(1).prescient 有先见之明的

实例:It was a remarkably prescient vision.

(2).omniscient 无所不知的

实例: Being pictured as super-humans, they could not be omnipresent or omniscient.

(3).conscience 良知

实例:It was his guilty conscience that made him offer to help.

(4).subconscious adj./n.下意识(的); 潜意识(的)

记忆方法:sub(在下面)+ conscious(有意识的)→ 在下面的意识→下意识的,潜意识的
实例:Your subconscious is the part of your mind that can influence you or affect your behavior even though you are not aware of it.

225 sacrifice 牺牲

词根: -sacr- 神的

(1).sacrilegious 亵渎神明的

实例:A number of churches were sacked and sacrilegious acts committed.

(2).sacrosanct 神圣不可侵犯的

实例:Freedom of the press is sacrosanct.

(3).sanction 批准,制裁

记忆方法:sanc(神)+ion→神说OK的→批准, 神说话有时候还会制裁 - 一体两面
实例: "1.He seemed to be preparing to sanction an increase in public borrowing.
2. The USA placed sanctions against this country."

(4).sanctimonious 伪装虔诚的

实例:He writes smug, sanctimonious rubbish.


250.coiffure 发型

实例:Sally's attractive new coiffure was arranged for her by my sister's hair stylist.

251.cohesive 有凝聚力的

实例:They had no group cohesiveness. They were in competition with each other all the time.

252.colander 漏勺,滤器

记忆方法:联想记忆: co(共同)+land(着陆)+er(名词)→让放进去的东西共同落下→漏勺
实例: A colander is a container in the shape of a bowl with holes in it which you wash or drain food in.

253.coma 昏迷

记忆方法:联想记忆: comma逗号→表示停顿,而coma(昏迷)正是人的意识的停顿
实例:She had slipped into a coma by the time she reached hospital.

254.comatose 昏睡的

实例:The right side of my brain had been so severely bruised that I was comatose for a month.

255.comeuppance 应得的惩罚,报应

记忆方法:联想记忆: come up+ance→随之而来的东西→报应
实例:The central character is a bad man who shoots people and gets his comeuppance.

256.concoction 调和物

记忆方法:联想记忆: con(共同)+coc(=coca cola可乐)+tion→把可能混进去的东西→调和物
实例: ...a concoction of honey, yogurt, oats, and apples.

257.condole 吊唁,哀悼

记忆方法:联想记忆: console是安慰,用于生者因为sole=soul灵魂,生者才有灵魂,而condole用于死者,d=death, 实际上词根dole表示悲伤(grieve) 衍生为: condolatory 感到安慰的
实例:We condole with him on his loss.

258.connive 串通,合谋

实例:He accused ministers of conniving with foreign companies to tear up employment rights.

259.contuse 使挫伤

记忆方法:联想记忆:被困惑confuse挫伤 衍生: contusion=bruise
实例:To contuse means to injure (the body) without breaking the skin.

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