CEO Zeyu was invited by the “AF Academy” of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to give a lecture

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The lecture, which is entitled How to Beat the Market: Authentic Experience from a Professional Trader and Principles to Build-up a Shining Career, not only indicates Zeyu’s own experience as a professional trader and risk taker, but also includes some insightful advices about career planning from Zeyu.

During the presentation, Zeyu shared with students the following subjects via real life cases:

1. Why many professional traders/hedge fund managers blow up and how to prevent that from happening;

2. What is the logical framework for trading successfully?

3. How he has learnt from predecessors, verified their conclusions in reality, gained from various mistakes, and finally come up with his own trading strategies that can consistently beat the market.

Throughout the presentation, Zeyu summarized the key principles to build up a shining career path, including principles on managing risks, on making mistakes wisely, on developing EQ, and so on.

According to students’ feedbacks, they gained an extensive exposure in how professional traders worked, and their understanding of the career in investment banks was cultivated substantially.

AF Academy’s background
PolyU's AF Academy is an exclusive and highly selective programme designed to groom their top students into top-of-the-list graduate candidates.

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