CEO Zeyu was invited by the “AF Academy” of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to give a lecture again

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On November 1st, Our CEO Zeyu Li was invited by AF Academy of the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong to share his career story with its members about working in the investment bank and establishing his own business. With the theme of “How I made my key decisions in my career path” Zeyu shared his life story from studying mathematical philosophy in high school, working as a professional trader and starting his own business- Essence Educational Company.

Zeyu’s speech was inspiring and encouraging, which contained abundant real life wisdoms. For an example, in order to help students understand the value of resilience, Zeyu started his lecture with a mathematic question. By solving the question, Zeyu hoped to express the message that in reality we needed to solve various of problems that might not be worked out in one go. Resilience would be the key factor leading to find the correct answer eventually.

In an addition, Zeyu also shared other principles such challenging the status quo, learning from mistakes, how to manage risks etc. Particularly, Zeyu lay stress on the importance of the utility of knowing and doing. Because it was nonsensical if you could not apply those principles in practice.

We are delighted to know that the students enjoyed this lecture and regarded it quite helpful. Thank you, AFA, for arranging such an illuminating event.

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