CEO Zeyu was invited to deliver a presentation at the University of Hong Kong by HKU Investment Society

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The seminar, which was titled How to Beat the Market: Authentic Experience from a Professional Trader and Principles to Build-up a Shining Career, not only shared Zeyu’s own experience as a professional trader and risk taker, but also contained a series of perceptive career advices from Zeyu.

In this talk, Zeyu shared with audiences his logical framework on why many professional traders and hedge fund manager blow up. Then, he showed them how in reality he gradually built up his own trading strategies that can consistently “beat the market” and how you can apply these principles to other areas such as starting a business.

Key takeaways of his talk include answers to the following questions:

1. Why professional traders/hedge fund managers blow up? What are the logical framework and practical approaches to prevent the blow-up from happening?

2. Does successful trading necessarily mean high winning probability? What is true definition of a trading edge, via which one can beat the market? How to obtain this edge in reality?

3. How to apply some of the abovementioned risk principles and logic to areas other than trading, such as selling and starting a business? For instance, Zeyu shared with students how he applied these principles to his current entrepreneurial adventure.

The seminar has been a very successful one with an active discussion atmosphere. The students feel encouraged by Zeyu’s sharing with the extracted essence. They have more confidence and courage to create their own future after listening to the presentation. We are also very encouraged by the enthusiastic response and recognition from the students.

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