CEO Zeyu give an interview to DBC

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It was our honor to cooperate with DBC (DreamBigCareer) to arrange an online sharing on the 16th of October 2016. With the topic of “Entering and Building a Shining Career in Investment Banks”, Zeyu pointed out forthrightly and honestly that entering investment bank was the start of hardship journey. Moreover, investment bank is not a good place for learning. Thus, be well-prepared and never underestimate the “enemy”!

Zeyu believes that the core competence of trader is to beat the market to consistently make money, while as a sale, the ability to build up trust with your clients and to find deals will make you irreplaceable.

Zeyu suggested to students that they should have a deeper understanding of what they truly want rather than simply follow the crowd or get lured by some short-sighted benefits.

In the Q&A section, audiences were quite actively involved and raised many questions. As a benefit, we invited 3 students who raised the very good questions to attend our 4th investment bank career held on October 30th. We expect to organize more good lectures with DBC in the future.

The biggest risk you take is not taking any risks!