GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Fifty – Three

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257 . avenue 大道
词根: -ven- 来,走(come, go)
1 . contravene 违反
记忆方法: contra(相反)+vene(走)→违反
实例: He said the article did not contravene the industry's code of conduct.

2 . convene 召集(会议)
记忆方法: con(共同)+vene(走)→走到一起→召集
实例: ...the convening of an international peace conference

3 . covenant 协议
记忆方法: co(共同)+ven(走)+ant→共同走来→协议,契约,盟约
实例: the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

4 . souvenir n.纪念品; 礼物
记忆方法: sou(=sub 代替)+ven(来)+ir→ 代替来某个地方→ 纪念品
实例: I bought the ring as a souvenir of Greece.

5 . venture 冒…的危险;以…做赌注,创业
记忆方法: vent(=to come 来)+ure→ (危险)来到--冒险
实例: He enjoyed little success when he ventured into business.

6 . vent 排气口
记忆方法: 气体排走
实例: Quite a lot of steam escaped from the vent at the front of the machine.

258 . corpse 尸体
词根: -corp- 身体
变形: corpo
1 . corporeal 肉体的,有形的,物质的
记忆方法: corpo(身体)+real(真的)→真的身体→肉体的
近义词: carnal, 反义词: incorporeal
实例: He is very religious; corporeal world has little interest for him.

2 . corpulency n.肥胖
记忆方法: corp(身体)+ulency(多)→身体多肉的→肥胖
实例: He was inclined to corpulence.

259 . content 满足的
词根: -ten- 拿,支持(hold)
1 . tenable 站得住脚的
记忆方法: ten(hold)+able→拿得住的→站得住脚的
实例: This argument is simply not tenable.

2 . countenance 同意(不反对),表情
记忆方法: count(=con共同)+ten(拿,支持)+ance→一起支持→不反对
实例: "1. Her father would not countenance her marrying while still a student.
2. He met each inquiry with an impassive countenance."

260 . command 命令
词根: -mand- 命令
1 . countermand 取消(命令)
记忆方法: counter(相反)+mand(命令)→取消命令
实例: I can't countermand an order my boss given.

2 . mandate 授权,委托,要求
记忆方法: mand(命令,要求)+ate(表名词及动词,人或物/变成)→ 命令,要求
实例: 1.The President and his supporters are almost certain to read this vote as a mandate for continued economic reform. 2.The proposed initiative would mandate a reduction of carbon dioxide of 40%.

3 . mandatory adj.强制的; 命令的;受委托的n.受托者
记忆方法: mand(命令,要求)+atory(表形容词, 有…的性质)→命令的,强制的
实例: The mandatory retirement age is changed to 65.

261 . poise 镇定
词根: poise 镇定
1 . counterpoise 使平衡
记忆方法: counter(相反)+poise(镇定)→使正反方向镇静→使平衡
实例: Russia, for instance, is using its control of natural gas to counterpoise EU and American policy initiatives.

262 . cut 切割
词根: -cut- 切
1 . cutlery 刀具,刀叉
记忆方法: cut(切)+l+ery(表名词)→刀具
实例: She arranged plates and cutlery on a small table.

2 . undercut 压低价格; 削弱
记忆方法: under(下面)+cut(切)→ 在下面切→ 砍掉(价格)
实例: 1. The firm will be able to undercut its competitors whilst still making a profit. 2. If our two companies were to join forces we could undercut all our competitors.

263 . cynical(参见难记词表) 犬儒主义的
词根: -cyn- 狗
1 . cynosure 小熊座(the Cynosure北极星→衍生为焦点,引人注目的事物)
记忆方法: cyno(狗)+sure(明确)→既和狗有关,又和明确有关→小熊星座(狗),因为有北极星(sure)
实例: The princess, dressed head to foot in gold, was the cynosure of all eyes.

264 . damp 湿润的
词根: damp 湿润
1 . dampen 使湿润,衍生为降低(热情)
记忆方法: damp(湿润)+en(表动词,使...)→使湿润
实例: Nothing seems to dampen his perpetual enthusiasm.

265 . dare 胆大的
词根: dare 胆大
1 . daredevil 蛮勇之人,不怕死的
记忆方法: dare(胆大)+devil(恶魔)→胆敢面对恶魔的人→不怕死的
实例: The show is full of daredevil feats.

266 . ability 能力
词根: abili- 能力
变形: bili
1 . debilitate 使衰弱
记忆方法: de(向下)+bili=abili+tate→使能力消失→使衰弱
实例: If you are debilitated by something such as an illness, it causes your body or mind to become gradually weaker.

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