GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Five

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23.简单词 accept 接受
词根:-cept-(变形cept, ceiv, ceit, capt)拿=hold= -tain-

⑹ receptive 善于接受的; 能容纳的
记忆方法:re(一再)+cept(拿)+ive(表形容词)→ 不停的拿→善于接受的,能容纳的
实例:The voters had seemed receptive to his ideas.

24. 简单词 exceed 超过
词根: -ceed- (变形ceed /cede(动词词根), cess(名词、形容词词根) 走出→超越,超过

⑴ antecede vt. 先行于( = is before)
衍生: antecedent (adj, 在…之前的), antecessor(n. 前辈)
实例:The fallacies in the mass-production that anteceded lean manufacturing provided inspiration to the birth to the later.

⑵ cede 割让
记忆方法:cede(走)→let go→割让
衍生: cession (n. 割让)
实例:The general had promised to cede power by February

⑶ concede (勉强)承认,给予(权利)
衍生:concession (n. 承认)
实例:He finally conceded that she was right.

⑷ precede 先行于 = antecede,优于
衍生:precedent (先例), predecessor = antecessor
实例:This trial could setup an important precedent for dealing with a large number of similar cases later on.

⑸ recede 后退
衍生:recession (n. 衰退), recess (休会 (记忆法:退后的程度少些))
实例:The conference broke for a recess.

⑹ incessant 不间断的
近义词:uninterrupted, ceaseless, continual, constant, endless, perpetual
实例:The noise of bombs and guns was incessant.

⑺ secede vi脱离
实例:Singapore seceded from Malaysia and became an independent sovereign state.

⑻ accede 同意
近义词:agree, assent, consent
实例:He should have acceded with our demands at the outset.

⑼ accessible 可理解的(understandable),可到达的(approachable)
实例:McMaster immediately expressed a desire to run a less hierarchical organization and be more accessible to his staff.
Washington TimesApr 10, 2017

⑽ predecessor 前辈
实例:Next, a talk about Trump’s effort to roll back some of his predecessor’s climate change regulations.
Seattle TimesApr 10, 2017

⑾ successive adj.连续的,相继的;继承的;接二连三的

记忆方法:suc(sub 在下面)+cess(走)+ive(表形容词)→走在下面→走在后面→相继的, 连续的
实例:In Tokyo share prices have plummeted for the sixth successive day.

⑿ successor n.接替的人或事物;继承人,继任者

记忆方法:suc(在下面)+cess(走)+or(表名词,人)→ 接替的人或事物
实例:He set out several principles that he hopes will guide his successors.

⒀ unprecedented adj.前所未有的,无前例的;空前的;无比的
记忆方法:un(不, 非)+ precedented(在前的,在先的)→空前的,史无前例的
实例:The situation is unprecedented in modern times.

25. claim 呼喊, 要求, 宣告
词根:-claim- (变形 -clam- ) 呼喊

⑴ acclaim 欢呼
实例:The film met with considerable critical and public acclaim.

⑵ clamor 喧嚣
记忆方法:clam(= claim 呼喊)+ or(表名词)→ 喧嚣
实例:He raised his hand to stop the clamor.

⑶ exclaim 呼喊
衍生:exclamation (n. 感叹)
实例:He exclaims that it must be a typing error.

⑷ reclaim 取回, 开垦
实例:1. He came back to reclaim his honor.
2. The Netherlands has been reclaiming farmlands from water.

⑸ proclaim 宣布,声称
实例:Britain proudly proclaims that it is a nation of animal lovers.

⑹ declaim 朗诵,抨击
记忆方法:de(向下,加强)+claim →大声喊→朗诵,抨击
实例:He raised his right fist and declaimed: 'Liar and cheat!'

⑺ disclaim 否认
衍生:disclaimer - 免责声明
实例:She disclaimed any knowledge of her husband's business.

26. 简单词 climate 环境

⑴ acclimate (使)习惯于
衍生:acclimate to sth/doing sth (使)适应环境
实例:He was helped by a couple of friends to acclimate to living in the US.

27. 简单词 culture 文化
词根:-cult- 培养
⑴acculturate (使)适应文化
记忆方法:ac(to,一直)+culture(文化) +ate(表动词)→使适应文化
实例:Schools help acculturate the second generation of the immigrants.

⑵ inculcate 反复灌输
实例:The aim is to inculcate business people with an appreciation of different cultures.

28. 简单词 custom 风俗
词根:-custom 风俗,习惯

⑴accustom (使)适应风俗,(be accustomed to doing sth)
记忆方法:ac(to,一直)+custom(风俗) +ate(表动词) →使适应风俗,习惯
实例:I have been accustomed to the life here.

29. 简单词 module 模块,课程的单元
词根:-mod- 模式(=mode),方式(manner)

⑴ modify 修改
实例:The books depict a North American landscape that is ravaged by ecological disaster and inhabited by a genetically modified race of quasi-humans, the Crakers.

⑵ commodity 大宗商品
实例:The Rhine is an important shipping route for commodities including grains, minerals, coal and oil products including heating oil.

⑶ moderate 有节制的, 中等的
记忆方法:moder(=mod. 模式)+ate(形容词后缀)→有模式的,有规范的→有节制的, 能够模块化的都不是什么稀奇的→中等的
实例:She is a successful fashion industry executive, she grew up on Long Island and considers herself a moderate Republican.

⑷ modest 谦虚的
记忆方法:mod(模式)+est(最) →说话做事有分寸→谦虚的
实例:He lost the popular vote in the 2016 election and his electoral-college plurality was more modest than many of those won by earlier presidents.


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