GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Forty – Four

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207 clan 宗族

词根:-clan- 宗族

(1).clandestine 私下的,神秘的

实例:You will never know the clandestine deal behind the table.

208 1. exercise,训练; 2. urge,催促;

词根:"1. -exer-; 2. -urg-;" 压,力量
变形:exer,erc, urg, erg

(1).coerce 强制,压迫

实例:The rebels coerced the villagers into hiding them from the army.

(2).allergy 过敏

实例: I have an allergy to cats.

209 labor 劳动

词根: -labor- 劳动

(1).collaborative 协作的

实例:In other collaborative activities individuals take turns in sitting vigilantly alert while others feed, thereby functioning as watchdogs or guards.

(2).laborious 费力的

实例:Keeping the garden tidy all year round can be a laborious task.

(3).elaborate 精细的

实例:pure silks embroidered with elaborate patterns

(4).labyrinth 迷宫,复杂的事物

实例:1.a labyrinth of underground tunnels;
2.Decisions are frequently delayed in the labyrinth of Whitehall committees.

210 collapse 倒塌

词根: -laps- 滑走(slip)

(1).lapsed 流逝的,过时的(尤指信仰)

实例:a lapsed Catholic

(2).elapse 光阴流逝

实例:Several months elapsed before his case was brought to trial.

(3).relapse 复发,恶化,再度堕落

实例:It is by no means clear that the financial markets will not relapse into panic.

211 commerce 商业

词根: -merc- 商业,交易

(1).mercenary 雇佣兵的,唯利是图的

实例:Virtue flies from the heart of a mercenary man.

(2).mercury 水银,水星,罗马主管商业的神

实例:Lighting is by two Floraset mercury vapour lamps which were originally set on a timer to give 11 hours of light.

(3).mercurial 善变的,反复无常的;含有水银的

记忆方法:mercur(水银, 商业)+ial(表形容词)→含有水银/商业本来就是善变的 近义词: erratic, capricious, abnormal, irregular
实例:Her mercurial temperament made her difficult to live with.

212 placid 平静的

词根: -plac- 平静

(1).complacent 自满的,得意的

记忆方法:com(全部)+plac(平静)+ent→全部平静→无改善的必要→自满的 衍生: complacency
实例: We must not become complacent the moment we have some success.

(2).placate 抚慰,使平静

实例:The concessions did little to placate the students.

(3).implacable 难以安抚的

实例:The move has won the implacable opposition of many economists.

(4).placebo 安慰剂

实例:A placebo, superficial and cosy, to lull the world into no longer questioning.

213 punctuation 标点

词根: -punct- 点,针
变形:punct, pung

(1).punctuate 加标点,强调;打断

实例:The silence was occasionally punctuated by laughter.

(2).punctual 准时的

实例:She’s always very punctual for appointments.

(3).puncture 刺穿

实例:My bicycle had a puncture and needed patching up.


220 caulk 阻塞(防止漏水)

记忆方法:联想记忆: caulk=calc(石头)→用石头阻塞防止漏水
实例:Shipbuilders caulk wooden boats with oakum and tar.

221 caustic 腐蚀的,尖刻的

记忆方法:联想发音记忆: caus=cause(导致)+tic(发音类似啼哭)→导致啼哭→尖刻的,腐蚀的 近义词: abrasive, acrimonious
实例:1. Remember that this is caustic; use gloves or a spoon.
2. His abrasive wit and caustic comments were an interviewer's nightmare.

222 cavil 挑毛病,吹毛求疵

记忆方法:联想记忆: cav=cavier(鱼子酱)+il(生病)→对鱼子酱这种美味找毛病→吹毛求疵
实例:I don't think this is the time to cavil at the wording of the report.

223 celestial 天上的,天体的

实例:The second celestial apparition was a faint, pearly cone of light slanting up the eastern sky.

224 celibacy 独身生活,独身主义

记忆方法:联想记忆: celebrity名人多数是独身(celibracy)
实例: People in some religious orders take a vow of celibacy.

225 cerebrum (复数为cerebra) 大脑

实例:The cerebrum is the thinking part of the brain.

226 chafe 擦痛,擦伤

记忆方法:联想记忆: cha(擦)+fe废→擦废→擦伤
实例:She turned him in the bed so that the sheets wouldn't chafe his skin into sores.

227 chalice 高脚杯

记忆方法:联想记忆: cha(茶)+lice→喝茶用的→杯子, poisoned chalice是一个很有意思的短语 近义词: goblet
实例: If you refer to a job or an opportunity as a poisoned chalice, you mean that it seems to be very attractive but you believe it will lead to failure.

228 chameleon 变色龙

记忆方法:联想记忆: cham=chamber(小房间)+leon=lion→小房间内的狮子→变色龙
实例: The Congressman has a reputation as a political chameleon.

229 chary 小心的,谨慎的 (chary of)

记忆方法:联想记忆: cha(茶)+ry→喝茶多了,提神→小心,谨慎
实例:I am rather chary of making too many idiotic mistakes.

The biggest risk you take is not taking any risks!