GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Thirty – one

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140 dynamic 有活力的

(1).dynamics n.动力学,力学;相互作用

记忆方法:dynam(力量)+ics(表名词, 学说)→ 力量学说→动力学
实例:the dynamics of the social system.

(2).aerodynamic 空气动力的

实例:Some people argue that cars today are more aerodynamic and therefore less deadly to insects.

(3).dynasty n.王朝;朝代

实例:The Tang Dynasty was the golden age of classical Chinese poetry.

141 confident 有信心的 -fid- 信心(trust, faith)

(1).fidelity 忠诚

实例:Dogs are famous for their fidelity.

(2).diffident 自卑的

实例:His manner is almost diffident, yet he’s steadfast in his purposefulness.

(3).affidavit 宣誓书

实例:I gave an affidavit to the judge about the accident I witnessed.

(4).confide in sb 吐露心事

实例:I knew she had some fundamental problems in her marriage because she had confided in me a year earlier.

142 infinite 无限的 -fin- 限制

(1).definite 明确的

实例:there is no more definite way to get into trouble with a police officer than speeding in front of the police station with a broken taillight.

(2).affinity 亲密关系

实例:He has a close affinity with the landscape he knew when he was growing up.

143 fray (参见难记词表) 磨损,打架 fray 磨损,打架

(1).affray (公共场所)吵架

实例:An affray is a noisy and violent fight, especially in a public place.

(2).defray 支付

实例:The government has committed billions toward defraying the costs of the war.

144 front 前面

(1).affront 侮辱

实例:It's an affront to human dignity to keep someone alive like this.

(2).confront 对抗

实例:They underestimated the magnitude of the task confronting them.

(3).effrontery 厚颜无耻的,无礼的

实例:One could only gasp at the sheer effrontery of the man.

145 foot 脚 foot 脚 foot,feet,fet

(1).afoot 徒步的,在进行中的

实例:The preparation of the reform is afoot.

(2).fetter 脚镣;束缚

实例:The company tries to build a private trust which would not be fettered by bureaucracy.

(3).unfetter v.解放

记忆方法:un(不, 非)+ fetter(给…上脚镣, 束缚)→不束缚→ 解放
实例:Unfettered corporate and advertiser control of the media are real and are bad for democracy.

146 gape (参见难记词表) 张开,目瞪口呆地看

(1).agape 张口吃惊的

实例:He looked at the results with his mouth agape.

147 grand 宏大的 -grand- 大 grandi

(2).aggrandize 增加(权利), 夸大

实例:The dictator sought to aggrandize himself by new conquests.

(3).grandiose 宏达的(强调华而不实,浮夸的)

记忆方法:grandi(大)+ose(表形容词, 多……的)→宏大的
实例:Not one of his grandiose plans has even begun.


(91) aura 气质

实例:She has an aura of authority

(92) aureole 光环

实例:In art, the circle of light painted or drawn around the heads of religious figures to indicate their divine nature is called an aureole.

(93) aurora 极光

记忆方法:古羅馬神話里的黎明女神 衍生: auroral 极光的, 灿烂的实例:An aurora consists of bands of light in the sky along the north and south poles.

(94) autopsy 验尸

记忆方法:auto(自己)+psy(看)→看自己→验尸 近义词: necropsy实例:An autopsy is scheduled Monday afternoon to determine the cause and manner of death.

(95) necropsy 验尸

实例:A necropsy is a surgical examination of a dead body, most commonly a dead animal, in order to learn why the animal died.

(96) avalanche 雪崩

记忆方法:ava +lanche(读音近似)实例:This alpine villages was destroyed in an avalanche.

(97) avuncular 伯父的,有长者风范的

记忆方法:avan(来源于拉丁语,长者,联想advance)实例:He was now playing the role of disinterested host and avuncular mentor.

(98) aye 是的,对


(99) azure 蔚蓝色的

记忆方法:Côte d'Azur法国蔚蓝海岸
实例:azure sky

(100) baffle 使困惑

记忆方法:发音记忆: "拜服"→因为让人困惑所以让人拜服
实例:I was constantly ill, with a baffling array of symptoms.

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