GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Fifty

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237 . occasion 情况,发生
词根: -cas- 落下(occasion=oc(to)+cas(落下)+ion→事情落下→发生) 变形: cas, cata
3 . catalyst 催化剂
记忆方法: cata(落下)+lys(分解)+t→分解下去→催化剂
实例:  The town acts as a catalyst for social development producing new cultural orientations among its residents.

4 . catapult 弹弓,发射器
记忆方法: cata(落下)+pult(拉=pull)→弹弓,发射器
实例: The Defence budget would stand buying another catapult tomorrow; my crossbow would just have to wait another week or so.

5 . cataract 大瀑布, 白内障
记忆方法: cata(落下)+act(动作)→落下的动作→瀑布
实例: "1. In one study, light smokers were found to be more than twice as likely to get cataracts as non-smokers.
2. A cataract is a large waterfall."

6 . cataclysm n.(突然降临的)大灾难
记忆方法: cata(落下)+clys(=wash 冲洗)+m→ 洪水落下冲洗→大灾难 衍生: cataclysmic
实例: The extinct volcano's eruption would mean a cataclysm for the city.

7 . catastrophe n.大灾难;惨败;悲剧的结局
记忆方法: cata(完全地,向下)+stroph(=turn)+e→ 被完全改变→ 大灾难
实例: This is a catastrophe beyond human control.

238 . centimeter 厘米
词根: -cent- 百 变形: centi
1 . centigrade 摄氏度
记忆方法: centi(百)+grade(度)→摄氏度
实例:  It is -30° Centigrade and there is a snowstorm.

2 . centennial 世纪的
记忆方法: cente(百)+ennial(年份)→世纪的
实例: This year is the centennial of the birth of the British Surrealist, who died in 2011.(New York Times, Dec. 7, 2017)

3 . centurion 百夫长
记忆方法: cent(百)+urian(人)→百夫长
实例: A centurion is a kind of soldier in the Roman army responsible for the command of a century, or one hundred, men.

239 . chat 聊天
词根: -chat- 聊天
1 . chatter v. 滔滔不绝
记忆方法: chatt(聊天)+er(比较级形式)→聊得很多
实例: Everyone's chattering away in different languages.

2 . chitchat 闲聊
记忆方法: chit(黄毛丫头)+chat(聊天)→和黄毛丫头还能聊什么严肃话题吗
实例: He's a passionate conversationalist who seamlessly transitions from fun chitchat to intense real talk.(Los Angles Times, Nov. 3, 2017)

240 . crisis 危机
词根: -cris- 判断(judge),评判(危机就是需要判断力的时刻)
1 . hypocrisy 虚伪
记忆方法: hypo(下面)+cris(评判)→在别人下面(别人不在的时候)评判→虚伪 衍生: hypocrite 伪君子
实例: 'Hypocrite,' he sneered

241 . chorus 合唱
词根: -chor- 歌,舞(song, dance)
1 . chore 无聊的琐事
记忆方法: 很多人认为歌舞就是无聊之琐事 近义词: drudgery
实例: She sees exercise primarily as an unavoidable chore.

2 . choreography 舞蹈编排
记忆方法: chor(舞蹈)+graphy(写)→舞蹈编排
实例: Use the noun choreography to describe the plan for how dancers will move on a stage during a show, play, or dance.

3 . chortle 哈哈大笑
记忆方法: chor(唱歌)+tle→像唱歌一样笑→哈哈大笑
实例: There was silence for a moment, then he began chortling like an idiot.

242 . song 歌声
词根: -son- 声音(sound)
1 . sonic 音波的,音速的
记忆方法: son(声音)+ ic(表形容词,… 相关的)→ 与声音相关的→音波的,音速的 近义词: supersonic
实例: If something goes faster than the speed of sound, it creates a sonic boom, a shock wave that sounds like an explosion.

2 . dissonance 不协调
记忆方法: dis(不同)+son(声音)+ance→声音不一致→不协调
实例: Dissonance among the three partners doomed the project.

3 . consonant 一致的,协调的
记忆方法: con(共同)+son(声音)+ant(表形容词)→一致的 反义词: inconsonant
实例: The quality of this suit isn't quite consonant with its price.

4 . resonant 洪亮的,回音的;引起共鸣的,引起联想的
记忆方法: re(回,返)+son(声音)+ant(表形容词)→回音的→洪亮的声音,产生回音
实例: 1. a deep, resonant voice;2.We felt privileged to be the first group of Western visitors to enter the historic palace, resonant with past conflicts.

5 . sonnet 十四行诗; 短诗
记忆方法: son声音+ net(古代的网是由7横7竖组成)→十四行诗
实例: The composer set a sonnet to music.

6 . sonorous adj.响亮的;洪亮的;(尤指语言文字等)感人的
记忆方法: son(声音)+ o+rous(升起)→ 声音升起→洪亮的
实例: This poem is both majestic and sonorous.

280 . dally 做事情慢吞吞的,调情
联想记忆: dall=dull(迟钝)+y→做事情迟钝,拖延
近义词: dilatory
实例: 1. He did not dally over the choice of a partner. 2. In the past he dallied with actresses and lady novelists.

281 . dank 阴湿的
联想记忆: dark+bank(很黑的河岸→阴冷潮湿)
实例: 1. The kitchen was dank and cheerless.

282 . daunt 使害怕
联想记忆: d(打)+aunt(阿姨)→打阿姨→威胁,使害怕
实例: 1. He was somewhat daunted by the size of the task.

283 . taunt 嘲笑
联想记忆: t(踢)+aunt(阿姨)→踢阿姨→嘲笑
实例: 1. A gang taunted a disabled man.

284 . flaunt 炫耀
联想记忆: fl(飞)+aunt(阿姨)→飞到阿姨面前→炫耀
实例: 1. One secret he learned very early on was not to flaunt his success.

285 . gaunt 憔悴的
联想记忆: g(鬼)+aunt(阿姨)→阿姨像鬼一样→憔悴的
实例: 1. Looking gaunt and tired, he denied there was anything to worry about.

286 . jaunt 短途旅行
联想记忆: j(接)+aunt(阿姨)→接阿姨,因为从短途旅行归来→短途旅行
实例: 1. He went to Florida for her grandmother’s 95th birthday, followed by a jaunt to Denver, her hometown.(New York Times, Oct. 20, 2017)

287 . jaunty 愉快的
联想记忆: jaunt归来→愉快的
实例: 1. Measured against the jaunty piano music, the tension in her moves suggest Holiday’s guardedness and contained frustration.(Washington Post, Nov. 30, 2017)

288 . vaunt 吹嘘
联想记忆: v(v字手型)+aunt(阿姨)→阿姨做v字手型→吹嘘
实例: 1. This was not a mere empty vaunt , but a deliberate avowal of his real sentiments.

289 . desiccant 干燥剂
实例: 1. From the increase in the weight of the desiccant the absolute humidity can be determined.

290 . dearth 缺乏,不足
联想记忆: d=de(除去)+earth(土地)→没有了土地就什么都缺乏
实例: 1. We strolled along streets that the dearth of motor traffic made appear both old - fashioned and serene.

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