GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Thirty – Eight

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175 tune 曲调

(1).attune 调音,调和

实例:When the women attune to the song, they sing it out loud.

176 revenge 复仇
词根:-venge- 惩罚(punish),衍生为报复 venge, vende

(1).avenge 为…复仇

实例:He has devoted the past five years to avenging his daughter's death.

(2).vengeful 复仇的, 记仇的

实例:He is a vengeful person.

(3).vengeance 复仇

实例:He swore vengeance on everyone involved in the murder.

(4).vendetta n.家族世仇; 族间仇杀

记忆方法:vende(报仇)+tta→家族间的仇恨; 来源于意大利语→ 《罗密欧与朱丽叶》两人的家族就是有vendetta
实例:For years he pursued a vendetta against the Morris family.

177 barrier 栅栏
词根:-barr- 栅栏,屏障 barr, bar

(1).barrage 密集炮火,火力网

实例:The artillery barrage on the city center was the heaviest since the ceasefire.

(2).barricade 路障

实例:Large areas of the city have been closed off by barricades set up by the demonstrators.

(3).embargo 禁运

实例:The United Nations imposed an arms embargo against the country.

178 dazzle 眩晕

(1).bedazzle 使眩晕

实例:be bedazzled by the lake and the green hills

179 bedazzle 使眩晕 be+vi→vt 使得
词根:be+vi→vt 使得

(1).befriend 与人友好

实例:They befriended me when I first arrived in Boston as a student.

(2).beleaguer 围攻

实例:You should not be beleaguered with annoyance and control your own emotion.

(3).belie 证明…虚假,掩饰

记忆方法: "be+lie(撒谎)→使得…成为谎言→证明…虚假 使得…撒谎→掩盖"
实例:1. The facts of the situation belie his testimony. 2. The gentle lower slopes belie the true nature of the mountain.

(4).bewail 痛哭


(5).belittle 轻视

实例:We mustn't belittle her outstanding achievement.

(6).bereave 使失去

记忆方法:be+reave(抢夺,参见难记词表)→使得…被抢夺→使失去 近义词: bereavement 丧失情人,失亲之痛
实例:Indignation bereft him of speech.

(7).bestow 赠给,授予

实例:The Queen has bestowed a knighthood on him.

(8).bewilder 使疯狂,使迷惑

实例:So many questions bewilder me.

(9).belabor 毒打,责骂

实例:He seems to be looking for a man of straw to belabor.

(10).bemoan 惋惜

实例:Universities and other research establishments bemoan their lack of funds.

(11).befall 降临

实例:They were unaware of the fate that was to befall them.


(160).bohemian 波西米亚人,放荡不羁的文化人

实例:He was never merely flamboyant or vulgarly bohemian.

(161).boon 给生活带来方便的东西

实例:It is for this reason that television proves such a boon to so many people.

(162).bourgeois 中产阶级的(贬义perjorative)-市井的,马列主义中的资本主义的

记忆方法:联想记忆: bourg=burg(球状物,汉堡)+eois→吃汉堡的→资本主义的,中产阶级的
实例:His privileged bourgeois family insisted on a good education.

(163).bowdlerize 删除(书,电影)中不合适的部分

记忆方法:来源于人名, 联想记忆(bow,弓,鞠躬)+dle=del(删除)+erize→删除(作者害怕因此鞠躬)
实例:bowdlerize a novel

(164).bravado 虚张声势

实例:His stories about his trading results were more bravado than fact.

(165).brawn n. 强壮的肌肉

记忆方法:联想记忆: 和brain一起记忆
实例:This is a job that needs both brain and brawn.

(166).brindle 斑点

记忆方法:发音记忆:brin=bring+dle发音类似"痘"→斑点 近义词: mote
实例:Brindle is a coat coloring pattern in animals and iIt is sometimes described as "tiger striped", although the brindle pattern is more subtle than that of a tiger's coat.

(167).brink 边缘

记忆方法:联想记忆: brin=bring+k=kill→bring one to a position to kill→所以经常表示危险的边缘 近义词: brim, rim, edge
实例:Their economy is teetering on the brink of collapse.

(168).brittle 易碎的

记忆方法:联想记忆: bri=bring +ittle=little→easy to become little→易碎的 近义词: fragile
实例:This may help to undermine the brittle truce that currently exists.

(169).broach 谈及,提起

记忆方法:联想记忆: br=bring+oach=ouch(啊呀)→带来叫声→带来谈话→提起
实例:Eventually I broached the subject of her early life.

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