GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Thirty – Nine

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179 bedazzle
词根:be+vi→vt 使得

(12).begrudge 嫉妒,勉强做

实例:She did not begrudge the money spent on her children's education.

(13).behold 注视

实例:And the low cliffs, covered in gum trees, were a pleasure to behold.

(14).beseech 乞求,恳求

记忆方法:be+seech=seek(寻求)→恳求 近义词: implore, entreat
实例:I was crouching over these poor men, who were looking-up to me, eyes raised, beseeching.

(15).beset 被包围(主要指麻烦,困难)

实例:The country is beset by severe economic problems

(16).besiege 围攻

实例:She was besieged by the press and the public.

(17).besmirch 弄脏,玷污

实例:He has accused local people of trying to besmirch his reputation.

(18).betoken 预示

实例:1. The president alone betokened the national identity. 2. Dark clouds betoken a storm.

(19).betroth 订婚约(多用于被动)

实例:The couple was betrothed with the family's approval.

180 rebel 反叛
词根:-bel- 打斗(fight) bel,bell

(1).bellicose 好战的

记忆方法:bell(战斗)+icose(多)→好战的 近义词: belligerent, combative, pugnacious
实例:He expressed alarm about the government's increasingly bellicose statements.

(2).belligerent 好斗的

记忆方法:bell(战斗)+i+ger(带来)+ent→带来战斗的→战斗的,好斗的 近义词: bellicose, combative, pugnacious
实例:The belligerent/bellicose statements from both sides have led to fears of war.

(3).rebellious 反抗的

实例:He grew older and more rebellious.

(4).antebellum 战前的(尤其指美国南北战争)

实例:The Civil War was fought to preserve the antebellum South. (Washinton Post, May 21, 2017)

(5).embellish 装饰,润色

实例:I launched into the parable, embellishing the story with invented dialogue and extra details.

181 benefit 好处 -bene- 好
词根:-bene- 好

(1).benevolent 善意的

记忆方法:bene(好)+vol(意志)+ent→善意的 近义词: philanthropist
实例:The company has proved to be a most benevolent employer.

(2).benign 好的,良性的

记忆方法:ben(好)+ign→好的,良性的 反义词: atrocious, truculent, vicious
实例:If kept in a small cul-de-sac by itself, it will be utterly benign.

182 bible 圣经 -bibl- 书本
词根:-bibl- 书本

(1).bibliophile 爱书者,收藏夹

记忆方法:biblio(书)+phil(喜爱, 参见philantropist)→爱书者,收藏家
实例:Ted loves everything about books. He is a real bibliophile.

183 buster 大人物
词根:-buster 表示破坏…的人 爆炸

(1).crime-buster 犯罪克星

实例:an undercover crime-buster in the hip hop world

(2).blockbuster 重磅炸弹,了不起的事情

实例:This new medicine is a blockbuster for the pharmaceutical company.

(3).combustible 易燃的

实例:The ability of coal to release a combustible gas has long been known.

184 boil 水沸腾
词根:-boi- 沸腾

(1).boisterous 喧闹的

实例:Most of the children were noisy and boisterous.


170.bronco 野马

记忆方法:联想记忆: br=bring+onco=oncology(肿瘤),联想成肿块→带来肿块是驯服野马必须的→野马
实例:The bronco spilt his rider.

171.brook 小溪,容忍

记忆方法:联想记忆: b(不)+rook=rookie(新手)→不(喜欢)新手→容忍
实例:The army will brook no weakening of its power.

172.budge 让步

实例:The Americans are adamant that they will not budge on this point.

173.bump 碰到,碰撞,肿块

记忆方法:发音记忆: 常见词,发音类似"碰碰"→碰撞
实例:1. There was a jerk as the boat bumped against something. 2. I felt a little bump and I knew instantly what had happened. 3. She fell against our coffee table and got a large bump on her forehead.

174.bumptious 自大的

记忆方法:联想记忆: bump有一个意思是肿块,bumptious=bump(肿块)+tious(多...的)→打肿脸充胖子→骄傲自大
实例:His classmates called him a show - off because of his bumptious airs.

175.hump 小山;小丘;驼背

实例:the hump of a hill

176.bulwark 堡垒

记忆方法:联想记忆: bul=bulge(膨胀)+wark(war打仗用的)→打仗用的大东西→堡垒
实例:Our people's support is a bulwark against the enemy.

177.burly 强壮的

记忆方法:联想记忆: 和bully一起记忆bully欺负一般能欺负人的都很burly
实例:Three burly toughs elbowed their way to the front.

178.burrow 挖洞,地洞

记忆方法:联想记忆: bur=bury(埋葬)→埋葬需要挖洞→挖洞,洞
实例:Mother turtles burrow into the sand to lay their eggs

179.butt 屁股→烟蒂→笑柄

实例:He is still the butt of cruel jokes about his humble origins.

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