GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Forty – Six

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218 pardon 饶恕

词根: -don- 给予(pardon=par(平等)+don(给予)→给予平等→原谅)
变形:don,dos, dow

(1).donate 赠予

实例:Last year he donated $1,000 to cancer research.

(2).condone 宽恕

实例:I have never encouraged nor condoned violence.

(3).dosage n.(药物等的)剂量,用量

记忆方法:dos(给)+age(表名词)→ 给药的多少→剂量
实例:He was put on a high dosage of vitamin C.

(4).endow vt. 捐赠,资助; 赋予

记忆方法:en(加强)+ dow(给)→ 捐赠, 赋予
实例:You are endowed with wealth, good health and a lively intellect.

219 introduce 介绍

词根: -duce- 引导

(1).induce 引导

实例:Doctors said surgery could induce a heart attack.

(2).deduce 推导

实例:The date of the document can be deduced from references to the Civil War.

(3).seduce 引诱

衍生: seductive
实例:Clever advertising would seduce more people into smoking.

(4).conductive 传导的,导电的

实例:Salt water is much more conductive than fresh water is.

(5).traduce vt./n.诋毁;诽谤

实例:We have been traduced in the press as xenophobic bigots.

220 transfer 运输

词根: -fer- 带来(bring, carry)

(1).confer 商量,授予

实例: "1. His doctors conferred by telephone and agreed that he must get away from his family for a time.
​ 2. An honorary doctorate of law was conferred on him."

(2).aquiferous 含水的,蓄水的

实例:aquiferous system

(3).odoriferous 有气味(主要指香味)的

实例: A number of reporters have concluded that at the very least, his trial was a pretty odoriferous piece of business.

(4).floriferous 开花的

实例:They're floriferous, blooming nonstop from spring until first frost - and even throughout winter in mild coastal areas.

(5).fertile 肥沃的

实例:They used force to banish the natives from the more fertile land.

(6).deference 顺从,遵从

记忆方法:de(向下)+fer(带)→带到下面→顺从,注意和defer(推迟)区别 衍生: deferential 恭敬地
实例:deference to sb 对…的遵从 The old sense of deference and restraint in royal reporting has vanished.

(7).fertilize 施肥,使受精

实例:1.When the only other dead member of our party died, we buried him in the soil to fertilize the land.
2.Significantly fewer eggs were fertilised when females mated with males given the drug.

(8).referee n.裁判员;推荐人

记忆方法:refer(推荐)+ee(表名词, 人)→ 推荐人,衍生为裁判员
实例:The crowd screamed for a penalty but the referee rightly ignored them.

(9).referral n.介绍,指引

记忆方法:referr(=refer 提及,介绍)+al(表名词)→介绍
实例:Ask your doctor for a referral to a clinical psychologist.

(10).referent n.被谈到的对象

实例:That is, for whatever reason, the referent group simply places no moral value on charitable contributions.

(11).referendum n.公民投票;全民公决

记忆方法:referend=reference(参考)+um→正式的参考所有公民的意见→全民投票 衍生: referenda 复数形式
实例:If a country holds a referendum on a particular policy, they ask the people to vote on the policy and show whether or not they agree with it.


240.chimerical 空想的,奇幻的

记忆方法:来源于希腊神话的怪物奇美拉(chimera).还可以利用联想记忆: chi(奇)+merical=miracle(奇迹)→空想的
实例: His Utopia is not a chimerical commonwealth but a practical improvement on what already exists.

241.chimpanzee 黑猩猩

记忆方法:联想记忆: chimp黑猩猩,人以外的动物中的智力冠军(champion)
实例: In hybrids the two chimpanzee chromosomes can be expected to undergo independent segregation.

242.chaos 吵闹,混沌

记忆方法:发音记忆: "吵死"
实例:After the failure of electricity supply the city was in chaos.

243.choleric 易怒的

记忆方法:chole-是胆,胆汁的前缀(chore做多了自然脾气暴躁choleric),英文中常认为胆汁分泌多使得脾气暴躁,例如bile这个词 近义词: peevish
实例:He was affable at one moment, choleric the next.

244.chomp 大声的咬

实例:I chomped hungrily through the large steak.

245.chug 发出咔嚓声音

实例:The train chugs down the track.

246.churlish 不友好的,粗鲁的

实例:It would be churlish to refuse such a generous offer. 城堡

记忆方法:联想记忆: cita=city+del→像城市一样的建筑→城堡

248.cleave 劈开; 坚守(cleave to)

记忆方法:联想记忆: cl=close+leave(离开)→离开close(关闭)→劈开 衍生: cleft裂缝 (近义词 aperture, crack, crevice)
实例:1. They just cleave the stone along the cracks.
2. She has cleaved to these principles all her life.

249.coddle 溺爱

记忆方法:发音记忆: "蝌蚪"→溺爱 近义词: indulge, spoil, pamper
实例:She coddled her youngest son madly.

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