GMAT备考独孤求败之旅 —— 单词篇Day Forty – Eight

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225 sacrifice 牺牲

词根: -sacr- 神的
(5).sanctuary 圣堂,庇护所

实例:The park is the largest wildlife sanctuary in the US.

(6).consecrate 把…奉为神圣

实例:When a building, place, or object is consecrated, it is officially declared to be holy. When a person is consecrated, they are officially declared to be a bishop.

226 serve 服务

词根: -serv- 服务

(1).servile 奴性的

实例:He was subservient and servile.

(2).subservient 卑躬屈膝的

实例:He was subservient and servile.

(3).serfdom n.农奴制;农奴地位

记忆方法:serf(服务)+dom(=state 身份,状态)→ 农奴地位
实例:Now the savage system of serfdom in Xizang has been eliminated.

(4).servitude n.奴役(状况)

记忆方法:serv(服务)+itude(表名词,… 状态)→服务他人的状态=被他人奴役
实例:1. They may grant you power, honor, and riches but afflict you with servitude, infamy, and poverty.
2.The criminal was sentenced to five years' servitude.

(5).observance 遵守,奉行; (宗教的,正式的)仪式;庆祝

记忆方法:ob(加强)+serv(保持)+ ance(名词后缀)→ 一直保持=遵守, 奉行 近义词: observe 作为动词,除了'观察'之意外,也有遵守,庆祝等之意。因此observance 是observe此层意思对应的名词;对应观察意义的名词是observation,而observatory是天文台的意思。
实例:1.The trading day is shortened in observance of the Labor Day Holiday.
2. Observance of law is a matter of Principle for us.

227 1. sole,单独的; 2. solar,太阳的;

词根: -sol- "1. 单独; 2. 太阳;"

(1).solitude 独居(尤其是平静而愉快的)

实例:He enjoyed his moments of solitude before the pressures of the day began.

(2).console 安慰

实例:He will have to console himself by reading about the success of his compatriots.

(3).solace 安慰

实例:He was inclined to seek solace in drink.

(4).insolate 暴晒

实例:You need to insolate it in the sun to disinfect.

(5).disconsolate 孤独的,郁郁寡欢的

实例:He did not have much success, but tried not to get too disconsolate.

(6).obsolete 过时的,老旧的

实例:So much equipment becomes obsolete almost as soon as it's made.

(7).solemn 庄严的,严肃的

记忆方法:sol(太阳)+emn→ 人类一直有对太阳的崇拜 另一个记法:solemn 读音似 '所罗门' 衍生: solemnity n.
实例:He was a slim, solemn, darkly handsome young man.

(8).soliloquy n. 自言自语,独白

近义词: soliloquize vt.
实例:Hamlet's soliloquy is probably the most famous in English drama.

(9).solo adj./adv.单独的;独唱的;独奏的n. 独奏

记忆方法:sol(单独)+o(音乐术语)→ 独奏→ 单独的
实例:He had just completed his final solo album.

228 sum 总和

词根:sum 总和

(1).consummate 使完美(vt),完美的,技艺高超的

实例:consummate skills

229 evolve 进化

词根: -volve- 旋转

(1).convolute 卷绕

近义词: convoluted 盘绕的,复杂的
实例:The argument is rather convoluted.

230 robust 强壮的

词根: -robor- 力量

(1).corroborate 证实,支持

实例:I had access to a wide range of documents which corroborated the story.


260.conundrum 谜题

记忆方法:联想记忆: con(共同)+und=under+drum→在鼓下面→谜语
近义词: riddle, enigma
实例:Interaction designers often face the conundrum of whether to make their products user - customizable.

261.coquetry 卖弄风情,调情

记忆方法:联想记忆: co(共同)+quet=quiet→共同在安静的地方→卖弄风情 衍生: coquette(卖弄风情的女子)
实例:The moment she met a man she would play the coquetry.

262.cornucopia 丰饶角(羊角中装满水果鲜花以示丰饶),丰富

记忆方法:联想记忆: corn(角)+u+copia=copious(丰富的)→丰饶角
实例:Secondly, it is often argued that farm workers are compensated for their low wages by a cornucopia of payments in kind.

263.coronary 冠状的

记忆方法:联想记忆: co(共同的)+ron(发音类似"荣")+ary→共同的荣誉→冠装的, coronary arteries 冠状动脉
实例:If all the coronary arteries are free of significant obstructions, all parts of the heart will receive equal amounts of oxygen.

264.coronation 加冕礼

记忆方法:联想记忆: co(共同的)+ron(发音类似"荣")+ation→共同的荣誉→加冕礼
实例: ...the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

265.corrugate 使起皱纹

记忆方法:联想记忆: cor(共同)+rug(小块地毯)+ate→变得像地毯一样起褶皱→使起皱纹
实例:The wind corrugates the surface of the sea.

266.coterie (志趣相投而排外的)小集团,小团体

实例:The songs he recorded were written by a small coterie of dedicated writers.

267.crack 裂开

记忆方法:常见于电脑crack a softward(黑掉一个软件)
近义词: crevice
实例:Concrete is liable to crack in very cold weather.

268.crafty 狡猾的

实例:He is a crafty, lying character who enjoys plotting against others.

269.cramp 痉挛,变得狭窄

记忆方法:联想记忆: cram(塞满)+p→塞满后→变得狭窄,而特别的,胃被塞满后就容易痉挛 衍生: cramped 痉挛的,难懂的
实例:muscle cramp

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